Episode 29: Rhizome - Image of Thought

Welcome to episode 29 of Poetic Logic. Today’s episode is called Rhizome - Image of Thought. It’s part one of three attempts to walk around the traps and snares of a philosophy that always urges us to look further, that Foucault described as “an art of living to counter all forms of fascism”. Deleuze and Guattari make us believe it’s all fun and games and humour is a feature of their modality, but what is taking place is of extreme seriousness: the tracking down of varieties of fascism, from the crushing enormous ones, to the petty ones that constitute the tyrannical bitterness of our daily lives.  

Episode 28: Disciplines of Awareness - Hearts Full of Guilt

Welcome to episode 28 of Poetic Logic. Today’s episode is a final saunter around a particularly shameful cavern that Yu Xiang built for us beyond the diseased sentences and imperfect language we strolled through in part one. Part three is about ghostly clarity, mid-poem moralizing and minimalistic linguistic DNA. Episode 28 is called Disciplines of Awareness – Hearts Full of Guilt.

Episode 27: Disciplines of Awareness - Documenting the Erasure

Welcome to episode 27 of Poetic Logic. Today’s episode is the second of three brief grazing’s over one poem of Yu Xiang. It’s titled “Two Poems”. We’ll look at how she adjusts woundable sentiments in order to approach radioactive political and social truths.  We’ll move on from her manipulative syntax, and into the mechanics of comparing realities to revise your climate. Episode 27 is called Disciplines of Awareness: Documenting the Erasure.

Episode 26: Disciplines of Awareness - Vertical Thoughts

Welcome to episode 26 of Poetic Logic. Today’s episode is part one of another short series of three called Disciplines of Awareness. These three ruminations are a return to crystalized Poetic Logic with the words of post-Obscure, or post-Misty poet, Yu Xiang. We’ll take a walk through Yu’s comfortably inhabited negative space and seek the gap between desire and expression, improvisation and friction. 

Episode 22: Poetic Logic Hero Donna Haraway – Ways of Worlding

Welcome to episode 22 of Poetic Logic. Today’s episode is Poetic Logic Hero: Donna Haraway – Ways of Worlding. It’s a brief grasping of the complex and dynamic theories of Donna Haraway – a true Poetic Logic hero who’s thought dissects questions of science and biology, revealing the limits of their objectivity and the masculinized narrative of the technoscientific world.

Episode 15: Empedolces - Cosmic Decay

Welcome to episode 15 of Poetic Logic. Poetic Boyfriend #2 - Empedolces is a look at wild self-spread myths and the pre-Socratic poet regarded variously as a material physicist, a shamanic magician, a mystical theologian, a healer, a democratic politician, a living god, and a fraud. For the sake of human relatability, I’d like to focus mostly on the latter two of these considerations.

Episode 14: Prototypes of Power

Welcome to episode 14 of Poetic Logic. Today’s episode is called Prototypes of Power. This is the final segment of three that looks into control structures, influence, authority and us. Part three is about how we have embodied and exemplified a myriad of power models. The ones that nestle into us, that use our docile bodies as host in ways we are told is natural. In closing, let’s demystify some space, let’s displace a few contingencies.   

Episode 12: Prototypes of Power

Today’s episode is called Prototypes of Power. It’s part one of three dissections of control structures, influence, authority and us. Part one returns to Poetic Logic hero Adrienne Rich, thanks her for her liberative language and for giving us words to move beyond the conditions of subjugation. Let’s celebrate the woman who made us stare what is fractured within us in the face and then exorcise it back to where it came.